Choosing the Right Perfume According to Personality

A scent lingers when you pass by, a sniff of fragrance that captures ones’ attention and leaves a lasting impression – these are the goals of every lady who wants her own signature scent.  A signature scent is one which projects a lady’s personality and speaks her true nature without uttering a single word. It captivates and enamors those who will have a sniff of her lingering aura.

So, why is searching for one’s signature scent turning into a lifelong quest for every lady? Their is even an online quiz to help you discover you scent here.  Most of the time, ladies buy perfumes that are endorsed by famous celebrities. They had this notion that the perfume that their idolized celebrity is endorsing would also suit them, which is a common fallacy. Another mistake that ladies usually make is using a perfume just because their friend gave it to them as a gift. Giving a perfume as a gift should be discouraged since perfumes are one’s personal choice. Unless you know the person’s scent that is the time that you can give her/ him a perfume for a gift. Another mistake is buying perfumes on impulse which happens all the time.

How will you find your signature scent? Take a long look at yourself. Look at your lifestyle, age, wants, desires and way of life. When a lady successfully finds her signature scent it enhances her sensuality and sexuality. It boosts her confidence and adds grace and charm to her ways. The perfect perfume for a lady is one that matches her personality and makes her shine the brightest.

Want some other tip’s on how to use perfume to make you sexier, watch the video below:


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