Miss Venga launches a new lingerie line in the UK

So, what makes another lingerie site catch my attention. The main difference between them and other sites is that they represent “real” women, not photoshopped plastic figures. Erotic lingerie and boudoir clothing for all shapes and sizes, & age … in fact the older you are the better you are. Like a fine women “Miss Venga” celebrates the real woman in all of us, with some stylish vintage underwear to bring a touch of class too!!

Miss Venga vintage lingerie

Miss Venga vintage lingerie

I was reading in the states how they now offer cleaning services for your house while wearing lingerie. This is a new concept, unheard of before. Of course, the pricing is steep at $100 an hour to clean your house but I guess it’s designed to make cleaning fun…

Of course, they don’t have much in terms of white lingerie, that’s going to be found more at places like Nordstrom here, these places don’t carry the playful items you would find in a unique boutique setting like Venga would have. Of course, Kim Kardeshian can’t seem to find enough lingerie for all of of her recent photo shoots.

I read over at US magazine that Kardashian, 31, poses for photographers wearing retro black-lace lingerie and Brigitte Bardot-style hair. Retro seems to making a comeback in the celebrity world and it’s time to catch the trend and get your own from overseas.

Kim Kardashian lingerie

Kim Kardashian lingerie - sneak peak

Step into her world of possibilities at MissVenga.com.

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