Skin Care and Cosmetics Reviews now coming to our website

I thought it was time to expand our blog from just covering fragrances and start covering the Skin Care & Cosmetics industries.  As you know smelling great doesn’t help you out much if you have a serious ACNE breakout and your skin is dry and cracking.  I’m going to start covering products in the future that I believe will make a difference in your life and give you skin that even the Gods of Olympus would be jealous of.

Skin Care & Cosmetics Reviews

Skin Care & Cosmetics Reviews

What are some of your favorite skin care products?  What do you believe to be some of the biggest scam out there in the skin care industry?  Would love to have your feedback and move forward on helping educate the public on pros and cons of all the different types of skincare products in the industry!! We want our reviews to mean something to you and help you out with your buying decisions!!

I know magazines like Allure have discussed things like this before but I want it from a more personal perspective…. I’m  also not looking to do some medical professional review like the Mayo clinic either.




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