Skin Care and Cosmetics Reviews now coming to our website

I thought it was time to expand our blog from just covering fragrances and start covering the Skin Care & Cosmetics industries.  As you know smelling great doesn’t help you out much if you have a serious ACNE breakout and your skin is dry and cracking.  I’m going to start covering products in the future that I believe will make a difference in your life and give you skin that even the Gods of Olympus would be jealous of.

Skin Care & Cosmetics Reviews

Skin Care & Cosmetics Reviews

What are some of your favorite skin care products?  What do you believe to be some of the biggest scam out there in the skin care industry?  Would love to have your feedback and move forward on helping educate the public on pros and cons of all the different types of skincare products in the industry!! We want our reviews to mean something to you and help you out with your buying decisions!!

I know magazines like Allure have discussed things like this before but I want it from a more personal perspective…. I’m  also not looking to do some medical professional review like the Mayo clinic either.



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Miss Venga launches a new lingerie line in the UK

So, what makes another lingerie site catch my attention. The main difference between them and other sites is that they represent “real” women, not photoshopped plastic figures. Erotic lingerie and boudoir clothing for all shapes and sizes, & age … in fact the older you are the better you are. Like a fine women “Miss Venga” celebrates the real woman in all of us, with some stylish vintage underwear to bring a touch of class too!!

Miss Venga vintage lingerie

Miss Venga vintage lingerie

I was reading in the states how they now offer cleaning services for your house while wearing lingerie. This is a new concept, unheard of before. Of course, the pricing is steep at $100 an hour to clean your house but I guess it’s designed to make cleaning fun…

Of course, they don’t have much in terms of white lingerie, that’s going to be found more at places like Nordstrom here, these places don’t carry the playful items you would find in a unique boutique setting like Venga would have. Of course, Kim Kardeshian can’t seem to find enough lingerie for all of of her recent photo shoots.

I read over at US magazine that Kardashian, 31, poses for photographers wearing retro black-lace lingerie and Brigitte Bardot-style hair. Retro seems to making a comeback in the celebrity world and it’s time to catch the trend and get your own from overseas.

Kim Kardashian lingerie

Kim Kardashian lingerie - sneak peak

Step into her world of possibilities at

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Choosing the Right Perfume According to Personality

A scent lingers when you pass by, a sniff of fragrance that captures ones’ attention and leaves a lasting impression – these are the goals of every lady who wants her own signature scent.  A signature scent is one which projects a lady’s personality and speaks her true nature without uttering a single word. It captivates and enamors those who will have a sniff of her lingering aura.

So, why is searching for one’s signature scent turning into a lifelong quest for every lady? Their is even an online quiz to help you discover you scent here.  Most of the time, ladies buy perfumes that are endorsed by famous celebrities. They had this notion that the perfume that their idolized celebrity is endorsing would also suit them, which is a common fallacy. Another mistake that ladies usually make is using a perfume just because their friend gave it to them as a gift. Giving a perfume as a gift should be discouraged since perfumes are one’s personal choice. Continue reading

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Selena Gomez’s Perfume

Selena Gomez is taking a different approach to her perfume.  She has narrowed down the scents to her favorite 3 and is letting her fans decide the final outcome of the perfume. The first 100,000 participants that sign up on her website and help Selena pick scents for her fragrance will receive a free sample of the perfume before it’s even in stores.  Additionally, 10 lucky voters will win a trip to New York to help Selena pick her final scent.

Selena Gomez Perfume

Selena Gomez Perfume

Selena says she has already been working to create the perfect fragrance for over 13 months, but she needs some help to complete the product. She is a genuis to get her fans to help her out on this.  What a great way to get people talking about this.

Based on the votes so far the scents in her new perfume will be Raspberry, Freesi,a and Vanilla.  But it’s still not to late to vote. “I’ve been working really hard and I’ve narrowed it down to a few possible notes, but I need your help in choosing the right ones,” Gomez says. “You’ll get to compare several notes that I’ve selected for the top, heart and base of the perfume.

About Selena Gomez – Gomez stars as Alex Russo on Disney Channel’s “Wizards of Waverly Place,” which premiered in 2007. For their work on the show, Selena and her cast mates won a 2009 Emmy Award for Outstanding Children’s Program. Gomez stared in the Disney Channel Original Movie “Princess Protection Program” as well as “Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie” which was based off the hit show. Her other television credits include guest appearances on “Hannah Montana” and “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.” Gomez is currently filming the fourth and final season of “Wizards of Waverly Place”.

Selena Gomez fragrance

Selena Gomez fragrance promotion

If you want to help her decide check out her website at

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Rihanna’s Rebelle Perfume

Rihanna’s new perfume Rebelle is set for Release in the early part of December, just in time for the Christmas Holidays. Rihanna has long been known to mix different existing perfumes to create her own signature scent and said she wanted her own perfume to reflect her roots in Barbados as well as her life in New York and Los Angeles.

Rihanna Rebelle perfume fragrance

Rihanna's Rebelle perfume and fragrance

Fred Purches, chairman and chief executive officer of Parlux Fragrances Inc – which has been working on the perfumes with Rihanna – said the company is also planning on eventually launching a men’s scent with the singer. Of course who wants to be associated as the man in her life.  The last one was really abusive and general not something I would to be paired with in any fashion.

Her fans actually chose the name on her Facebook account by a staggering 68% choosing this name.  Of course this young generation likes words that are spelled incorrectly.  I just assumed they would want a name they could text easier like RBL>-{. It seems that she’s got a sexy, near-nude ad campaign to support this new fragrance.  Did her fans vote for that too? Her first fragrance is set to bring in 80 million in sales.  The company making the second one would be satisfied if sales only hit the $50 million mark. Rebelle is priced at $59 for a 3.4-oz eau de parfum spray and $30 for the body lotion, while a special holiday pack featuring Rihanna’s latest CD and both of her scents will be available for $118.

What scents are in the Rebelle perfume? Described as a feminine “gourmand chypre” blend, Rebelle features top notes of strawberry, ginger, and plum; a heart of vanilla orchid, heliotrope, and cacao absolute; and a base of musk, amber, coffee, and patchouli. Named after her grandmother’s nickname for the singer, the new scent will appeal to both sensual and edgy sides.

“Rebelle by Rihanna” will be available Spring 2012, but the singer has already started wearing the scent to generate buzz among those close enough to catch a whiff.

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Heidi Klum launches her new “Shine” fragrance in September 2011

Heidi Klum still looks really hot and knows how to market fragrances! The supermodel (and mother of four!) looked fab as she playfully posed on a Mexican beach and did a luxury photo shoot for her new fragrance, Shine.

Heidi Klum Shine fragrance bottle

Heidi Klum Shine fragrance bottle

Heidi got her sexy on — wearing a loose grey sweater and showing a whole lot of her gorgeous legs in a pair of very short shorts!

The floral fragrance will be released in September. According to an official press release, Heidi raved about the new scent, saying:

“Sophia Loren once said ‘beauty is in the eye of the beheld’ and I couldn’t agree more. Shine isn’t about something that we see, it’s about the way it makes us feel – playful, sensual and radiant. I realize I’m lucky and that I have so much happiness in my life. My fragrance, Shine, is to be worn by all women who embrace life.”

Heidi Klum Shine perfume - golden dress

Heidi Klum Shine perfume ad - Her golden dress is caught by the breeze

Shine, a sultry mix of lily of the valley and spicy pink peppercorn that will hit stores in September 2011, and shared her date-night fashion choices.

Why the name Shine? Heidi Klum says, “It’s one of the words that my husband would say to me, ‘You look beautiful. You shine.’ It’s a wonderful compliment to get—that you’re radiant.”

What advice would you give a man who is buying perfume for a woman? I feel like the fellas need all the help they can get. “[Laughs] I think it’s good to feel out what kind of woman you’re going out with—but I think it’s also good to surprise her and make suggestions based on what you like. When you’re in a relationship, it’s nice to be wearing something that your other half enjoys.”

Heidi Klum Shine perfume ad - grey dress

Heidi Klum Shine perfume ad - grey dress

What’s your area of beauty expertise? “I’ve gotten really good at gluing on false lashes. Right? [Turns to her makeup artist, Linda Hay, seated across the room.] I’m not as good as Linda, but if I have to do it myself, like if I go out with my husband, I can do a big look. People always find that very difficult, but I’ve gotten quite good at it.”

And you prefer the individual lashes? “I think it looks more real than a whole strip; those start peeling off and look like they’re winking at you. I don’t love that.”

Heidi herself seems so fun and relatable, always out with her children and husband.  In an industry filled with celebrity fragrances, I don’t doubt that Heidi’s will stand out as being something young women and mothers alike can enjoy.

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Kim Kardashian’s Gold perfume – now carried by Macy’s

Kim Kardashian launched her newest perfume “Gold” at Macy’s in Aventura Mall, outside Miami. During her press conference she said, “To me, summer is sexy, beachy and glamorous with thoughts turning to romantic evenings,” Kardashian told the press Saturday at the launch of Kim Kardashian Gold. “I wanted something powerful yet not too sweet. I got stressed out while developing the scent because I wanted it to be just perfect.”

Thousands of teenagers dressing like “Kim Kardashian fashion style,” were at Macy’s Aventura since early hours waiting in line for their turn to meet this beautiful celebrity. Crazy what girls will do just for a glimpse of a celebrity.

kim kardashian gold perfume

Kim Kardashian gold perfume launches in Miami, FL

 The fragrance combines sparkling top notes of Italian bergamot and grapefruit with a sniff of spicy pink peppercorn, plus a floral heart of jasmine, delicate rose and golden resins of amber and creamy benzoin. Musk gives the strong scent a last blush of elegance. And while notes weren’t easy to choose, deciding on the golden bottle’s rounded shape took even more work. “I am very hands on with my fragrances,” she explained. “I really didn’t want a square bottle of any type. I am curvy and think my fragrance should represent me. So I picked a sleek round vessel in gold with ebony accents.”

“I think “Kim Kardashian Gold”, is definitely a sexier version than my fist fragrance”.

Here is the video of the launch from the Miami Herald:

My question is which celebrity fragrance is actually your favorite?  Pick out yours from below and click to see the results.

Here is a picture of the newest fragrance released from Kim in the retail packaging.

kim kardashian gold perfume bottle

Kim Kardashian gold perfume bottle

About Kim – Kardashian has launched multiple fragrances, guest starred on numerous shows, competed on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. In 2010, Kardashian, along with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe, released an autobiography, Kardashian Konfidential, and plan to launch their own fashion line soon.

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